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The website is about the hiking trails on Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada. Quadra Island is about a mile away across Discovery Passage from the small city of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Quadra Island and surrounds have sea- kayaking, whale watching, bear-watching, biking, climbing, lake canoeing, fishing, hunting, golf, and wildlife watching among the outdoor adventures here.

This is a community-built website, using input and photographs from residents of Quadra Island.

The site administrator can be contacted at: alpinewriting@gmail.com

morte lake swale trail (2)

The new bridge on the Swale Trail, one of the trails built for mountain biking on Quadra, trails which link up with hiking trails to allow bikers and hikers to use both sets of trails.



2 thoughts on “About


    Great resource, thanks for taking the time to put this together. Any chance of adding GPS tracks to it? That would a huge help in navigating the trails.


  2. Len

    Does anyone know who I can contact to report a very hazardous tree that has fallen and is hovering over the Nugedzi Lake trail? I have photos and location. It probably requires professional removal.
    My Email: lenfromkits@gmail.com



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