Blind Man’s Bluff & Eagle Ridge Trails

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To get to the start of these two trails drive north from Heriot Bay for about five minutes until you come to North Gowland Harbour Road going off to your left. This is a dirt road. Drive along this dirt road, being careful due to logging trucks using it, for a few miles until you come to Kellerhals woodlot road running off up a hill to your right. Follow this road, taking the left branches as you go, for about a mile in, until you see the trailshead sign at a parking spot at the end of the road. From here you can hike left, about 25 minutes to Blindman’s Bluff with its great view. On the return trip you can take a loop-trail from the bluff, rather than go back via your inward trail, back to your car.

The Eagle Ridge Trail begins at the trailshead and goes to the right, down to a swamp then up the ridge to give great views of Discovery Passage and Vancouver Island. This is about 30 minutes hiking from your car to the viewpoint on Eagle Ridge.