Nugedzi Lake Trail ~ and side-trails to Lily Pond, Seymour Narrows Lookout, Little Nugedzi Lake, Mount Seymour Connector Trail

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a hiker on Mt. Seymour Trail looks down at Nugedzi lakes June 2009

A hiker from overseas stands on the Mount Seymor Trail and looks down over Little Nugedzi Lake in the foreground, and Nugedzi Lake’s northern end above it in this picture.

This trail begins at its car-park, which is about 15 minutes’ drive north of Heriot Bay, and is off to the left up a small side-road marked with a ‘Nugedzi Lake’ sign at the main road. Park your car beside the sign at the trail-head at the end of this short dirt road. The trail takes you uphill on an old logging road for about 30 minutes then heads right over a footbridge and on up another old logging track for about 50 minutes. Then the trail branches left off the old road and crosses over a small footbridge and becomes more of a hiking trail. This takes you up for about 20 minutes to a fork in the trail and a signpost indicating go left to the lily pond (an old beaver lake) and continue along that trail past the lily pond for another five minutes to a lookout point giving you a good view to the southeast. Here this trail ends and you return via it to the trail fork and the main Nugedzi Lake Trail. The right branch of the trail now takes you up and down through heavy forest for about 30 minutes then descends to the lake. This is truly a lovely lake, at about 1700 feet altitude, where there is a good swimming and picnic spot. From here there is a trail going to the lookout over Seymor Narrows. This trail climbs northwest from the lake for ten minutes then takes you up onto the top a large flat, open granite knob where you head across the knob to its southwest slope and find a long steel chain fastened there as a hand-hold for descending this trail a short distance to the cement cairn.  The trail ends there at a concrete and rock cairn. This cairn was built by previous trails-work volunteers and looks to have been made to hold a flag-pole and Canadian flag.

stone cairn on seymour lookout, off n lake trail.

The stone and cement cairn at the end of the Seymour Narrows Lookout Trail which runs northwest up from Nugedzi Lake. This cairn and its embedded hollow pipe look to have been built to hold a Canadian flag. The saw and secateurs on the cairn belong to the trail-cutter volunteer who took this picture.

There is also a short trail loop taking you from Nugedzi Lake along the south shore of Little Nugedzi Lake which takes only about five minutes to walk. There is also a trail going from Nugedzi Lake to Mount Seymour. These trails are signposted.

june 10th 018

The signpost at Nugedzi Lake, indicating the various trails branching off there.

To hike from Nugedzi Lake to the Mount Seymour summit, give yourself 90 minutes. A very fit and experienced hiker could do this trip in less time. From the Mount Seymour summit you return via the trail back to Nugedzi Lake or, take the trail branch which goes down to the Granite Bay Road then walk the road back around to your car, which means about 30 minutes’ walk along the Granite Bay Road and then south along the main road to the Nugedzi Lake turnoff and the car-park there. During colder winters, such as in 2016/17, you can walk safely across Nugedzi Lake on the ice.

feb23 017

Frozen Nugedzi Lake


july 013

Wolf scat on the trail; typically filled with bone pieces and hair.