The Newton Lake Trail ~ Small Inlet & Waiatt Bay Trail

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To arrive at the Newton Lake Trail drive north from Heriot Bay, about five miles to Granite Bay Road then drive down Granite Bay Road for about seven miles to the edge of the settlement of Granite Bay. Here you will see a ‘Newton Lake Trail’ sign above a small dirt road running up to your right. You can drive a short way up this side road to the Newton Lake Trail sign and park there. The Newton Lake Trail goes off to the left and climbs gradually to the lake. You will pass a smaller lake on your left as you climb. Newton Lake is on the right of the trail and is a gem in the forest. If the weather is hot enough it’s a great swimming spot with some good diving spots around the lake. The trail follows the west shore of the lake then turns left from the lake steeply down for about 10 minutes to Small Inlet Provincial Park, which is part of the Kanish Bay inlet east of Granite Bay, and from Small Inlet the trail goes over the short (10-15 mins) portage to Wyatt Bay in beautiful Octopus Islands Provincial Marine Park and the east coast of Quadra.  Thus it takes only about 10 minutes to walk this flat portage from the west coast of Quadra to the east coast. The trail ends at Waiatt Bay.

Small Inlet Marine Provincial Park